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Our goal is to convert your software product ideas and apps into reality.

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What we do?

We help you convert your product ideas into Software applications and Apps.

How we do it?​
A 6 step process to built effective and usable software
  • Requirements Gathering and Analysis
  • Design (Look n Feel and Technical)
  • Software Development
  • Testing
  • Implementation
  • Deployment and Maintenance
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Digital Business

Our Products

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ZeptoLearn® is a cloud-based eLearning platform where you can create inspiring, interactive course content and delivery the content through mobile and web apps. It broadly consists of the following main components-

  • Authoring – A platform to define course outline, create interactive digital content, and enriching the same using multimedia elements. Build course structure, create, author and publish rich courses with support for eBooks, HTML, Weblinks, PDFs, Videos, Audios, Images, Timed Quizzes, Assessments etc.
  • Mobile & Desktop Apps – White-labeled mobile & desktop apps for content delivery.
  • A custom Learning Management System (LMS) for managing courses, users, secured content distribution, DRM, analytical reports, etc.
  • Security and Streaming of Content: Video content is streamed as HLS ECS 128 bit. Content is completely secured in online, offline saving and mSDcards delivery.

ZeptoSchool ERP® is a cloud-based comprehensive School Management and ERP System that enables a school to automate and manage the school’s Administrative tasks, Operations and Academic activities. Here the main modules of the solution –

  • Online Registration
  • Student Information System
  • School Fee Management
  • Exam & Result Management
  • Adaptive Assessment System
  • Question Paper Generator
  • Library Management
  • Staff Information Management
  • Attendance Management
  • School Hostel Management
  • Online Live Classes
  • School Website Creation & Management
  • Staff Payroll Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • Inventory Management
  • Bus Transport Management
  • Analytical Reports, Etc.
Zepto Meet Logo

ZeptoMeet® is a Video Conferencing Solution for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars across mobile and desktop. The solution allows you to

  • Schedule a meeting / Join a meeting
  • Conduct secured Online Meetings / Virtual Classes
  • Conduct training sessions
  • Share desktop screen, documents, etc.
  • Share Youtube videos in the session with all participants
  • White label – Own Name, Branding & Logo
  • Customize e.g. look n feel, features, integration with other IT applications, etc.
  • Hosting on private cloud or servers
  • Complete Data and content security









Our mission is to provide the best services.

We’ve pioneered techniques that harness the power of global teams to deliver software excellence at scale. Our distributed teams across the globe provide access to a broad range of technology capabilities, to help you think big, move fast, and deliver value with the right skills at the right time.

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Our clients think big. They trust us to deliver disruptive thinking and innovative technology.
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We are committed to improving the tech industry and are passionate.
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Our Approach

Our software or product development services follow a tested and tried ‘software development life cycle’ that consists of the following 6 stages


Requirements Gathering and Analysis











This process consists of the following broad steps-

  1. Analysing the input documents and material supplied by the client.
  2. Conduct sufficient discussion sessions with different stakeholders to understand their product idea and/or the software application’s business requirements.
  3. Convert the business requirements to software functions and features.
  4. Document all the gathered requirements and share with the client for initial sign-off.

The step of designing starts after completing the requirements analysis phase. In the design the technical architecture of the project is completed. This step helps remove possible flaws by setting industry best practices. In the design phase high level UI wireframes is also done.

In this phase, experience software developers start the actual software development process i.e. coding. All the required components, functionalities and features of software are developed in this very phase. For large projects, the development phase is divided into multiple smaller phases.

While the development phase is in progress, test cases are written and validated for software testing and quality assurance. The testing phase assesses the software for errors and documents bugs if there are any.


This phase is crucial for running the developed software assessed by all the stakeholders. This is to ensure the complete level of customer satisfaction.

Once the software passes through all the phases without any issues, a maintenance process is followed wherein it will be maintained and upgraded from time to time to adapt to changes.

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