Service Overview

Creating an online slot where you get to display yourself to your target audience is really crucial. ZDL is a team of tech nerds who have mustered a pool of insane knowledge about developing everything that comes under mobile app development, web development, framework development, eCommerce development, and many more. We provide different services to our clients across the globe.

Our developers provide unique and user-friendly services. Nothing can go wrong when our team supervises the process. And if something goes south at any point in time, we know how to get things back on track. This is our experience talking. Join our team to get your digital version sophisticated.

Adobe Flash to HTML5 Conversion

We help you convert your legacy Flash-based content into responsive HTML5 format. Our years of Flash and HTML5 development experience help us to convert all your legacy Flash/Flex content and applications to HTML5

Mobile App Development

 The mobile application development arena is one of the most innovative spaces in the industry today holds the prospect for the future of business. We make mobile apps for multiple platforms like Android, iOS.

Custom Application Development

We offer Custom Application Development and Product Development Services to our clients to build their own applications and products as per their requirements and ideas.

Our Approach

Our software or product development services follow a tested and tried ‘software development life cycle’ that consists of the following 6 stages


Requirements Gathering and Analysis











This process consists of the following broad steps-

  1. Analysing the input documents and material supplied by the client.
  2. Conduct sufficient discussion sessions with different stakeholders to understand their product idea and/or the software application’s business requirements.
  3. Convert the business requirements to software functions and features.
  4. Document all the gathered requirements and share with the client for initial sign-off.

The step of designing starts after completing the requirements analysis phase. In the design the technical architecture of the project is completed. This step helps remove possible flaws by setting industry best practices. In the design phase high level UI wireframes is also done.

In this phase, experience software developers start the actual software development process i.e. coding. All the required components, functionalities and features of software are developed in this very phase. For large projects, the development phase is divided into multiple smaller phases.

While the development phase is in progress, test cases are written and validated for software testing and quality assurance. The testing phase assesses the software for errors and documents bugs if there are any.


This phase is crucial for running the developed software assessed by all the stakeholders. This is to ensure the complete level of customer satisfaction.

Once the software passes through all the phases without any issues, a maintenance process is followed wherein it will be maintained and upgraded from time to time to adapt to changes.