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Software Product Development Services

If you have a software product idea then our team of experts can design, build, and release the final product to the market for you. Our experienced software product developers, business analysts and project managers can understand your users’ requirements, validate the idea & requirements and develop your idea into a releasable product in shortest time possible. Since inception we have help number of companies, institutions and Edtech start-ups build their software products and release them to the market.

Our Built, Operate and Transfer (BOT) model helps companies and institutions to convert their ideas to real software products in the shortest possible time. Our unique BOT model does the following-

Our unique approach to the product development process has stood the test of time. We refined our process over time while developing various software products for our clients across different industries and businesses. Our 6-step product development involves the following steps –


We Maintain, Support, and do enhancements to the software product during the initial phase of its release. Post-release of the product, we study and analyze the product usage and users’ feedback. Accordingly, we make enhancements to the product. The operational phase of the product is providing technical support, maintain the product and the hosting environment, etc.

On completion of the project term, we transfer the complete product source code, intellectual property (IP) to the product owner. If needed, we also create an in-house team at the client location to support the product and to make enhancements.

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