Software Development Company – 11 Absolute Essential Features to Look Out For

Software Development Company

11 absolute essential features to look out for

When you decide to outsource software development you want the best software development company to be on your side. There are many software companies claiming to provide the best products and services. You must have a process to choose the one company that possesses the ability to cater to your specific needs. Finding the right one is a pretty intimidating task. Here we have listed guidelines to take into account while exploring the market to choose one.


Clarity of goals and end results
Analyzing your goal is the primary activity before you initiate your search. Ask yourself whether you are looking for a long-term technology partner or short-term on-demand support. Explore the functions and features you want in the software or application. Your aim is to expand your business with increased revenues and decreased costs. Deciding on these points can help you shortlist a software development company that will convert your needs into business-generating solutions. Your customers’ needs should be foremost on your mind since ultimately any software solution you will build will serve them, directly or indirectly. 


Long-distance partnerships
A software development company can be located anywhere, in your home country or overseas. Both the options have their pros and cons. It is up to you to decide based on various aspects. Overseas partners usually offer services at cheap rates. Keep an eye out for flexibility, effective communication, and collaboration which sometimes suffers in long-distance relationships. You must also keep a check on the difference in the time zones to balance the turnaround times.


Avoid low priced offers
Always give priority to quality rather than cost. The temptation for cheap offers could be very hazardous. Getting quality work isn’t always expensive. You don’t have to compromise on quality if you want your job done at reasonable rates. However, always be willing to pay a little more to get the quality right. Cheap offers result in lack of transparency, lack of communication, inefficient and defective working.


Feedback of former clients
Search engines are just one way to find new partners. There are other tools online that provide authentic reviews about outsourcing firms. Whichever tool you use to find a potential partner, be sure to read customer reviews and feedback. Customer reviews usually tell the truth. Check the company’s portfolio and past projects to confirm their success in handling various tasks and understand their tried and tested methods for completing multiple projects. Check the company’s market credibility and contact past clients; they will tell you the actual performance, including the good and the bad. All such options will help you shortlist the one software developer who matches your needs.


Relevant Experience of the software development company
A software development company that not only has experience but has relevant experience is an advantage. Look for the kind of experience the company possesses and its relevance to the technologies you want to work with. A reputed company must maintain a well-satisfied clientele. Certification in the respective technology can help you to confirm the experience of the company. At the same time, it will be excellent if you choose a company with relevant experience and project management expertise in similar projects. The company that fits this description will have the correct estimates regarding time schedules and the distribution of work within their various teams.


Emphasize upon excellent and frequent communication
Frequent information updates and review of work is equally important in any professional relationship. You can effectively get your work done when you have regular and clear communication with the developers’ team. Talk to the project managers and team leaders directly to find out how they communicate. There is no room for mixed messages or uninformed decisions. You may even interview employees directly about their project management skills before starting work.


Risk management and problem-solving
The software development company you choose will be your partner rather than just another firm working with you. You need to be sure of the technical skills of the company. A software development company typically uses an Agile software development method. It may not matter what project management tools your software developer uses, but each member of the team should have risk management capabilities and have ownership of the project. There should be no oversight and deliverables should be clear. This also means that members of the team should have problem-solving capabilities. 


Quality control and Quality assurance
Your software development team must have control over all the deliverables and quality should be assured at every stage of the project. Every team member should be responsible for the quality of his part of the project. Similarly, it is always an advantage if your software development company has a quality control and testing team. This team will have well-defined standards and procedures of quality control to test the final product.


High security and safety system
For software development projects, security and safety are crucial issues, specifically if you deal with sensitive data. Ensure that the software development company you choose must possess the experience of working with high security and high safety protocols. Expertise in cybersecurity will be an added advantage in your potential partner’s portfolio.


Software system and technology
Acquire information about different software systems and development technologies like .NET, Java, Python, JavaScript, front-end technologies, database technologies, hosting environments, etc. It will help you decide upon the technology you want your custom software to get built on. You can discuss your choice of technology with the software development company and analyze their experience on that particular technology. You can also ask the software development company to provide recommendations regarding the technology front that will be best compatible with the applications you plan to use and your business as a whole.


Contract and after development support
It would be best if you prepared a well-defined and clearly described contract and a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). It must bear all the terms and conditions, including the pricing details, intellectual property, material requirements, scope of work, work that is out of scope, and payment terms. The most crucial part is the commitment to after-development support. Ensure that the software development company will provide software configuration, customization, maintenance, technical documentation, and software backup facility.


Finding the right software development company is not a piece of cake. There are numerous aspects that you must consider while choosing one. Hopefully, these guidelines will help you find the best partner to grow with.

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